Disabled Sex Guide

DisabledSexGuide.com is an adult resource that explores and celebrates the complexity of human sexuality.

By representing the sexuality of disabled persons, we aim to help break the stereotype that sex and pleasure are only for certain types of bodies.

Being called Disabled Sex Guide, this publication’s name embraces identity-first language.

Placing the word “Disabled” before “Sex” as a descriptor, similar to how someone might say, “I am a disabled person” highlights disability as an identity.

The phrase “I am a person living with disabilities,” on the other hand, is an example of person-first language. It mentions people before naming any form of disability or condition.

Our mission is to present disability and sexuality in a positive and supportive manner—one that resists fetishizing disability and is committed to respect and consent.

Many disabled people use identity-first language, saying person-first language obscures disabled identities and reinforces negative and ableist views about disabilities.

A strong preference for identity-first language, in particular, exists within the Deaf and Autistic communities.